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Welcome to the Health Care Institute of San Antonio

With the  closure of Career Point College, The Healthcare Institute is offering displaced C.P.C students an opportunity to complete their career training and lower their financial burden. The Healthcare Institute will be offering Grants and a significantly lower Tuition to Career Point Students, to up to help ease the transition..

Students seeking credit transfers, may reach out to The Healthcare Institute beginning Wednesday, October 26,, for a review of transcripts and transferable Credits. The Healthcare Institute will also provide Financial Aid and Loan Forgiveness Counseling.

On Friday October 28th will be receiving Students at 1822 Fredericksburg Rd. for this purpose

“We are going to do what will benefit the Student, academically and financially. No matter if the Student just started or about to graduate we will provide them with a financial benefit to counter this event. A significant number of Career Point Students could be certified, as Medical Assistants, which would be a huge financial and convenience windfall.  I believe that every Career Point Medical Assisting Student can benefit financially and Academically from this displacement. ”. Said Brian Holt, CEO of The Healthcare Institute.

Career Point College Students in the San Antonio area are encouraged to contact The Healthcare Institute Campus to discuss opportunities to complete their education.

Career Point students may reach The Healthcare Institutee at (210) 692-3262


Take the first step to an exciting Career in the medical field today. The Health Care Institute of San Antonio is uniquely able to assist you in beginning your Career or changing your Career field. Visit our School and see what exciting opportunities await you.


Our friendly, dedicated staff will greet you with our no-pressure approach to help you get started.

Call today at (210) 692-3262 for an appointment or stop in at your convenience Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM.